Week 2 - Found something interesting

Overall Results

Task/day Bug bounty Programs
android private program , kiwi android apps, netflix recon, nordvpn dns scanning found 2 vul, submit to h1, google
bug bounty on uber, comcast found 2 vul, submit to h1, bugcrowd
bug bounty on cisco, google found 1 vul, submit to cisco
bug bounty on cisco, netflix, starbucks, youtube found 1 vul, submit to bugcrowd, resubmit 1 issue
bug bounty on starbucks found 1 vul, submit to h1
Reports Hackerone Bugcrowd Private Programs
P1-P2 1 0 0
P2-P3 1 0 0
P4-P5 13 5 1
Duplicated 8 2 0
Pending 2 1 1
Traiged 4 0 0

Total paid bounty $ 1,328 USD
Pending bounty $ 1,000 USD


Avoid any verizon bug bounty program.

  • already too much hunters, & they dont pay well under new program rules. ( I submitted few issues, some of those they fixed and not paying for that, some are low vul issue and not paying too.)

Small scope private + new programs are good place to start.

  • Like only 1 website + few CRUD apps.
  • But dont spend too much time in it. Caz usually there is not much attack surface to test.