My failure lessons


This is my failure notes, a reflective guide that help me to review why I failed.

Fail once is normal. Fail twice is fine. Fail third time for the same reason is dumb.

So I would like to write all of those down before take any further actions to my success journey.

Exhausting yourself is not a proper way to build a working business

  • don’t spend your time to build start up
  • hire freelancers, use money to run it
  • not your man power
  • relax, redirect your business

Set schedule before actions

  • plan it before do it
  • no plan means no direction
  • no direction means no measurement
  • no measurement means no success
  • you need indicators to know how successful you currently are
  • need those info to diagnose your business health state

The more you want it, the more it won’t be

  • Yerkes–Dodson Law
  • don’t push yourself too hard to unlock the success
  • the more you want it, yourself would eventually became less productive
  • OriginalYerkesDodsonData
  • just relax, and enjoy the journey
  • be in mind that you are not in hurry
  • all you need to do, is to do the right thing, and do thing right
  • not do it quick & dirty which would produce a bad result

Work smart, then work hard, don’t reverse it

  • You need a right direction & right tools to work with before you start
  • It will improve your end results & productivity from time to time
  • Don’t work hard too much. Things are not supposed to solve in this way.